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who won…?

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Terry Jones started the job. But who burnt Quran today in America? Some have condemned burning Quran implicitly like Obama and Hillary Clinton. Muslims convicted this and have been angry. They protested against burning. But today in different cities they burnt Quran. Do you think who is the winner? -Terry Jones, Obama, Hillary or Muslims. I think Muslims won the competition. Please don’t ask why?

They won because they will know America better.

They won because the dirty face of Zionist been obvious.

Thy won because I am sure that U.S.A is feared of Muslims Demonstration in all over the world.

They won because the Americans know who exploded the twin tower in 11th September.

And Zionists lost because It makes Muslims more united.

They lost owing to the Quran is Alive for ever.

They lost because the daybreak is so near…


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Last American combat brigade leaves Iraq

September 8, 2010 Leave a comment

(AP) As their convoy reached the barbed wire at the border crossing out of Iraq on Wednesday, the soldiers whooped and cheered. Then they scrambled out of their stifling hot armored vehicles, unfurled an American flag and posed for group photos.

For these troops of the 4th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, it was a moment of relief fraught with symbolism. Seven years and five months after the U.S.-led invasion, the last American combat brigade was leaving Iraq, well ahead of President Barack Obama’s Aug. 31 deadline for ending U.S. combat operations there.

That presence is far from over. Scatterings of combat troops still await departure, and some 50,000 will stay another year in what is designated as a noncombat role. They will carry weapons to defend themselves and accompany Iraqi troops on missions. Special forces will continue to help Iraqis hunt for terrorists.

So the U.S. death toll — at least 4,415 by Pentagon count as of Wednesday — may not yet be final.

On War: Last American combat brigade leaves Iraq
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