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An ancient hostility

December 29, 2010 4 comments

When I was thinking about the U.S.A hostility against Iran,  I understand that America is not the Iran enemy only. America is the enemy of every country that like to be independent. The only sin of Iran is that Iran like to be self-governing. I should also add that Iran has an other sin versus America and it is the Islamic Revolution. America like to make Islam alive but an Islam that has no danger for him. An Islam like the Islam of Arab countries.

America know that the end of the world belong to Islam but he can’t bear it. America like to has the main role in the events of Armageddon. But we believe  the only power that will manage that era is Islam. The Islam that can be found in Iran. This is the main idea of America to Include Iran as his enemies. The last point is that this hostility is not new and return to the past time.

The next post will tell you why this is An ancient hostility.

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