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An ancient hostility

When I was thinking about the U.S.A hostility against Iran,  I understand that America is not the Iran enemy only. America is the enemy of every country that like to be independent. The only sin of Iran is that Iran like to be self-governing. I should also add that Iran has an other sin versus America and it is the Islamic Revolution. America like to make Islam alive but an Islam that has no danger for him. An Islam like the Islam of Arab countries.

America know that the end of the world belong to Islam but he can’t bear it. America like to has the main role in the events of Armageddon. But we believe  the only power that will manage that era is Islam. The Islam that can be found in Iran. This is the main idea of America to Include Iran as his enemies. The last point is that this hostility is not new and return to the past time.

The next post will tell you why this is An ancient hostility.

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  1. February 2, 2011 at 12:49

    You know what? You’re a hypocrite. You say that America is an enemy to all countries that want to be independent, which to a point, I agree with. I don’t like us getting in anyone’s business. Everyone should leave each other alone unless they truly need help and where help is a last resort. But then you go on to say that Islam will take over the world. That’s the same thing! Not everyone wants to be Muslim, in fact, if you look at the statistics, most people don’t want to be Muslim. I don’t want to be Muslim in any way, shape or form. I also don’t want to be any religion at all. So if the Islamic world came to America to spread it’s religion, you’d be infringing on our rights and we’d hate you. If you can respond to this with an actual counter-point, I’d appreciate it. If you cannot, I will certainly report your post as spam on my blog b/c you’re unreasonable and blinded by religion.

    • February 3, 2011 at 11:29

      You said:” Everyone should leave each other alone unless they truly need help and where help is a last resort.” This is completely against human mood. Humans need to live together naturally. The nature of Mankind is in the way of protecting each other. Whether they say; we need help or not. Those you said result from a dangerous thought named “secularism”. This that we think, guiding others and tell them their mistakes, is impinging other’s rights, is the ominous outcome of this thought. It was the first.
      Now the next one, Islam is not a person or government, it’s a power that rules the minds. Islam is not a religion only like Christianity or Judaism, and also is not like Intellectual System like humanism, capitalism and etc., Islam is the complete system of living. Islam can supply all needs of Man and answer his question. An intellectual system like Marxism, after it’s disability to provide the needs, fell and doesn’t have any fan. These systems will fall one by one. Now the sound of capitalism’s fall in America and European countries is audible. Mankind is searching for a real, complete and reliable system to live together. This is the meaning of Islam overcoming. You say:” Not everyone wants to be Muslim, in fact, if you look at the statistics, most people don’t want to be Muslim”. This is a good misleading! Tell me how many statistics have you watched about Islam growth or drop?! See this links then judge about religion growths. And also tell me how much do you know about Islam?!

  2. February 4, 2011 at 02:05

    I appreciate you giving as good of a reply as you could seeing as you look through eyes tinted by your religion. I will break down your response point by point as you attempted to with my post.

    “Humans need to live together naturally.” — I agree with that. We are a pack animal, just like our ancestors, the ape…but, just b/c we stay together doesn’t mean that our instincts immediate turn to helping each other first. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We naturally help ourselves first, our family next and then others if we are able. It’s the same with any other pack animal. It’s in our DNA and despite the external world being different, we can’t shake these natural instincts.

    Your comments about Islam being a complete living system, etc. I can’t argue with your comments b/c you’re Muslim and it’s your belief. There’s absolutely no way I can convince you otherwise. The least I can ask is that you see it from my side. The way you feel about Islam is how I feel about religion being ridiculous. I see religion as a way for the few to get power over the many. It’s the same with the government, just disguised as a faith. All religions, intellectual systems, etc are idyllic by nature. The difference is in the facts though. Things like capitalism, communism, socialism are all based on real things, not prophecies and stories. If all conditions were perfectly met, capitalism, communism and socialism would all work in their own way. But power and corruption get in the way and ruin them. Now, with religion, it’s based on faith and things that to me, aren’t real. Maybe they’re real to you, that’s fine, I don’t care. Then, power and corruption get involved and you have people following bad people based off of an unshakable faith. That’s very dangerous. That’s where extremism comes in. That’s where I really start to dislike religion. No matter which one it is, you have people forcing their religion on others who do not want it. Forcing it with violence. You can’t deny this. If you do, you’re lying to yourself.

    Like I said though, you can’t be convinced. Your post is essentially a commercial for Islam, which is fine, it’s your thing, not mine.

    You’re wrong about everyone moving to Islam, plain and simple. Islam is a fast growing religion, no doubt, but so was Christianity at one time. There’s too many politically incorrect things about Islam that will stunt its growth at one point or another. I’m referring to treatment of women and intolerance to others that are different (i.e. Islamic Fundamentalism).

    Lastly, I know enough about Islam to hold an argument.

    • February 8, 2011 at 15:52

      My last point: Sometimes it is better to leave our eye and see the facts as they are, not as we want

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