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All things Egyptians need

February 8, 2011 2 comments

At first, many think Egyptians need bread. But they weren’t hungry. Others thought they need more social services. But Egyptians show in 14 days that they can live in a square without low social services. They show that their main claim is something else. Not bread, nor social services, nor American freedom, and too many things. They show that they are Muslin and they want pure Islam.  However, what do Egyptians need to see the fruits of their revolution? Now count their all need one by one.

Egyptians protestAn Islamic brave leader

Egyptians are in 14th day of their revolution but they can’t do any progress. What is the missing link that doesn’t let them gain the victory. There should be a brave, forethoughtful reader and the main society class, agree the change, to have a revolution in a society. Sometimes, only the leader can encourage the people. Unlike the Egyptians are. They need an Islamic, brave leader can manage the power of people for revolution. More than 2 million people in Tahrir square, thousands of people in other city, all are ready for a revolution but there is no leader. If they can’t find their own leader, others like America and its Arab allegiant like Saudi Arabia will decide instead of them.  The result of their decision is someone like Mubarak or worse than him. The Islamic revolution of Iran has two leader, Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei, two who can manage the power of Iranian and make a new season in anti-arrogance Campaign in the world. After Imam Khamenei’s Sermons in last Friday, Egyptians received double power to resist against American politics. Also the lecture of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah had good effect on Egyptians resistance.


To get to gold goal, to pass the Impassable ways and to have a revolution there should be resistance. Big countries and undefeatable powers will leave the battle when see resistant will. Egyptians should be resistant to get to their destination more and more. It is the best solution.

Egyptians protestThe media

The next important lack of Egyptians is Media. They need to tell the world what they want to have. They don’t like to be restricted by some misleading media like BBC and etc. If you watch some reports about Egyptians you will understand their thirst for speaking about their revolution, a media that Egyptians can trust it. Not a one like BBC that try to show their Islamic revolution as a poverty protest. They want to say the world their main aim.

The kind of Government

The next side of their revolution is the kind of Government. If they can provide the main chart of their comer government they will approach their goal fast. Some of the signs clarify that Egyptians want an Islamic Government. Bet it is not completely clear that what kind of Islamic government they want.

The last point: if Egyptians can prove their protests and form a government base on Islamic rules, the people of other countries will also resist to change their kind of government. And what will happen if Egyptians can revolt and make a new country and a big power near Iran? I know that this wish is real and will be controlled.

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