The sea of expecting eyes

April 7, 2011 Leave a comment

And I can hear your call

Dear Hossein(s)!

“Is there any partner to help me!”

Same near

From the bloody Lo’Lo (Pearl) square

From the hot desert of Sana

Your voice can be heard: “Is there any partner to help me!”


And I can see as the light of the day:

“The gloom of night”

“And the expectation of the brightness”

“And the hand of the Yazids”

“And the silence of Kofies”


Dear Hossein(s)!

I have only heard about your epic in Karbala!

But I see the Bahrain!


All the Human Rights Watches are blind!

For men Bahrain is the sea of eyes!

The sea of expecting eyes

For someone who will come…

Bahrain revolution Islamic awakening Bahrain

Bahrain, the sea of expecting eyes


The Holocaust animation collection-No.1

April 2, 2011 11 comments

The Holocaust animation collection by Maziar Bijani, the Iranian cartoonist, will be posted here one by one. Be sure that it is interesting to watch.

The power of unity

March 29, 2011 1 comment

I think the main reason of Saudi Arabia invasion to Bahrain and killing the Bahraini muslims is the Unity between the Shias and sunnies in Bahrain. America who surely commanded Saudi Arabia invasion knows that the unity will change the regime of Bahrain. So they want to kill the muslims in Bahrain to prevent the breeze of victory. They know that a victory in Islamic Awakening in Middle East countries will cause a chain of victories. In every country of Islamic awakening they want to change the aim of people. The war in Libya, the prime ministers in Tunisia and the invasion of Saudi Arabia all are following a same goal.

bahrain protest Saudi Arabia invasion Libya war Unity the power of unity

The suggestion for the new flag of Saudi Arabia

March 20, 2011 12 comments
The suggestion for the new flag of Saudi Arabia

The suggestion for the new flag of Saudi Arabia

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The soft power of Islamic revolution of Iran

March 20, 2011 Leave a comment

In today’s world wars appearance are changing. Although the old ways to attack other countries exist but the attention on soft-war is much more. Soft-war is related to the powers that have a system of life for human. Today there are two kinds of power that have this ability. One the west and the next Islam. The Islam that Islamic republic of Iran presents the world. The main soft-war is between these two systems of life. Although Islamic life base on the Islamic revolution of Iran is in the first steps of its own way, but it shows that the people around the world like to know more about it. The trend of people towards Islamic revolution is the first victory of Iran. It shows that Islamic revolution has defeated the power of western media against Islamic revolution. Islamic awakening in Arab world is the next victory. If any Arab nation can control the government of their own country the next conquest will be gained.

Islamic revolution of Iran

In soft-war there is no soldier from the powers. The people that know the new system and are following its principles are the soldiers. The speed of the soft power of Islamic revolution is at a good rate. The main reasons are the compatibility of Islamic rules with the human nature (fetart) and the inefficiency of western system, Capitalism.

Bahraini women and the Islamic awakening movement

March 12, 2011 1 comment

Surely it is the power of Islam that can brings the Bahraini women out of their home. And it is their Islamic revolution that will change the regime. Bahraini women want to live Muslim so they will bear the danger of their demonstrations. And will continue their resistance along their men.  They find Islam and governing base on Islamic truth. Their hand-carryings is the best reason.

Bahrani women and their revolution نساء البحرینیه و الثوره

Carrying: Get out the Khalifas.

Bahrani women and their revolution نساء البحرینیه و الثوره

Carrying: The martyr, we never forget you.

Bahrani women and their revolution نساء البحرینیه و الثوره

Bahraini women supporting their revolution.

Bahrani women and their revolution نساء البحرینیه و الثوره

Carrying: My childhood be sacrifice for my homeland.

Bahraini women and revolution نساء البحرینیه و الثوره

No discussion until the system falls

The first steps of Egyptians revolution

February 12, 2011 2 comments

News agencies published that dictator Mubarak left Egypt to a unknown place. Germane, Bahrain, New York, Israel, or any other hell that Mubarak had gone is not so important. The most important thing is Egyptians resistance against America that wants to save his slave Mubarak in Egypt. All TV and News Agency report the epic of Egyptian strong aim and their loud NO to America and Israel. A “NO” to any cruelty and bias. Today that the main executive of America had left Middle East, people of this area can decide themselves. Although the weather in some of these country is cold but the heart of people is completely warm. Surely Egyptians will form government. But they should know that any enemy in out can’t damage their revolution. This is the own enemies that will wear a friendly mask and want to weaken the aim of defenders. They should be insightful to be able to see the hidden hands of enemies. The enemies like America and Israel can’t bear Egyptians revolution. Egypt is near to Palestine and the security of Jews in Palestine is in a dangerous mode. So maybe some military attacks threat Egyptians but surly people of Middle East won’t be silent against any foreign movements. Egyptians leaders should use the experience of Islamic Republic of Iran and decide according to Islamic rules. The rules like justice, governmental independent, cultural independent, esteem wanting and etc. Egyptians should believe the promise that Allah give pious Muslims in holy Quran.

Egtptian prayind in Tahrir square

Egtptian praying in Tahrir square

Egyptian praying in Tahrir square

Egyptian praying in Tahrir square befor Mubarak's escape


Narrator of 18 days of Egyptians resistance

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