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The sea of expecting eyes

April 7, 2011 Leave a comment

And I can hear your call

Dear Hossein(s)!

“Is there any partner to help me!”

Same near

From the bloody Lo’Lo (Pearl) square

From the hot desert of Sana

Your voice can be heard: “Is there any partner to help me!”


And I can see as the light of the day:

“The gloom of night”

“And the expectation of the brightness”

“And the hand of the Yazids”

“And the silence of Kofies”


Dear Hossein(s)!

I have only heard about your epic in Karbala!

But I see the Bahrain!


All the Human Rights Watches are blind!

For men Bahrain is the sea of eyes!

The sea of expecting eyes

For someone who will come…

Bahrain revolution Islamic awakening Bahrain

Bahrain, the sea of expecting eyes


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