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The soft power of Islamic revolution of Iran

March 20, 2011 Leave a comment

In today’s world wars appearance are changing. Although the old ways to attack other countries exist but the attention on soft-war is much more. Soft-war is related to the powers that have a system of life for human. Today there are two kinds of power that have this ability. One the west and the next Islam. The Islam that Islamic republic of Iran presents the world. The main soft-war is between these two systems of life. Although Islamic life base on the Islamic revolution of Iran is in the first steps of its own way, but it shows that the people around the world like to know more about it. The trend of people towards Islamic revolution is the first victory of Iran. It shows that Islamic revolution has defeated the power of western media against Islamic revolution. Islamic awakening in Arab world is the next victory. If any Arab nation can control the government of their own country the next conquest will be gained.

Islamic revolution of Iran

In soft-war there is no soldier from the powers. The people that know the new system and are following its principles are the soldiers. The speed of the soft power of Islamic revolution is at a good rate. The main reasons are the compatibility of Islamic rules with the human nature (fetart) and the inefficiency of western system, Capitalism.

The Islam that Imam Khomeini presents us

June 6, 2010 2 comments

The Islam that Imam Khomeini presents us

30 years ago a man God presented us a new reading of Islam. It was so different from what others say in their lectures. Imam Khomeini knew Islam and its sentences and showed Islam as it is.

The Islam that Imam Khomeini presents says that no Injustice should be in the world. It tells us not to complot with oppressors and not to forget poor. It shows us the way of perfection and Felicity, the way of living with God. This is the Islam that America wants to destroy and distort it. This is the same kind of Islam that appears 1400 years ago by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This Islam is the real one.

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